Watch: N.Flying Recruits Yoo Hoe Seung Off “Produce 101 Season 2” In Clever Comeback MV Teaser

N.Flying has shared a fun teaser video for their first comeback with five members!

The FNC Entertainment band recently announced that “Produce 101 Season 2” trainee Yoo Hoe Seung would be joining them for their next comeback. With the release of their second mini album “The Real” scheduled for August 2, they’ve now released a first teaser clip for their comeback MV.

In the video, N.Flying’s four members are hanging out in the recreation room of a ship when they spot Yoo Hoe Seung on television, introducing himself on a “Produce 101 Season 2”-inspired show. The guys look impressed, and smile at each other as they seem to come to an agreement.

Yoo Hoe Seung is then suddenly transported to the room. Although he’s shocked at first, he quickly gets into the groove and the band begins performing together!

Watch the teaser video below.