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As Wanna One gets ready for their debut, they talked a bit about the things they’ll be in charge of in the group!

The guys recently sat down for a pre-recording interview with the writers of “Happy Together,” and the show previously shared a first video in which they showed off their talents.

On July 27, “Happy Together” revealed a second video in which the members are asked what their “positions” are within the group.

Lai Guan Lin replied, “Height and fashion sense,” and Kim Jae Hwan revealed that Lai Guan Lin was the one who had cut the holes into his shirt.

Lai Guan Lin was also asked who the “fashionista” of Wanna One would be, and he replied that it would be Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel was a bit embarrassed as he admitted that he thinks he’s in charge of being “sexy.”

Although Park Ji Hoon said his role is likely being “cute,” Hwang Min Hyun explained that Park Ji Hoon is playful but doesn’t do a lot of “aegyo” usually. Yoon Ji Sung said, “He’s surprisingly brusque.”

Park Woo Jin said that a lot of people tell him he’s very different on stage than in real life. He also laughed as he said, “Personally, I think that I’m in charge of being ‘not funny.’”

“The other guys say I’m not funny,” he said, but his fellow members protested. Ong Sung Woo explained that he’d only said that because he gets envious when other people are too funny.

Kim Jae Hwan showed off how he can hit high notes by singing part of Steelheart’s “She’s Gone,” which earned a round of applause from his fellow members.

Ha Sung Woon also had the chance to explain, “On ‘Happy Together,’ Taemin did an echo trick. That was something that I taught him.”

SHINee’s Taemin (Ha Sung Woon’s good friend) has previously shown off the trick of singing with an echo like the sound that’s produced when singing at karaoke. One of the shows he’s performed this talent on was “Happy Together,” where he’d said that it was a trick he had learned from a friend.

In the pre-recording interview, Ha Sung Woon tried to show the trick but got embarrassed and laughed instead.

Watch the interview below!

You can also watch Taemin and Ha Sung Woon performing the echo trick, as Ha Sung Woon showed his original version in his self-introduction video for “Produce 101 Season 2”!

Five of the members of Wanna One will soon be appearing on two episodes of “Happy Together,” which will air on August 3 and 10.

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