ASTRO Talks About Plans For Next Comeback

ASTRO has shared some information about when they plan to make a return!

In an interview held on July 27, ASTRO shared, “We plan on preparing for our next album following ‘Dream Part. 01’ soon.” They added, “The exact release date has not been decided but our goal is to launch our new album within this year.”

ASTRO finished promoting their fourth mini album “Dream Part. 01” in June. The group also held a solo concert in Seoul from July 15 to 16, and will be touring Japan and the United States in the coming months.

ASTRO further explained, “We think that the preparation for the upcoming album will start after finishing our concerts in Japan and the United States.” The members jokingly added, “Since our previous album was ‘Dream Part. 01,’ we suspect the new album will have the characteristics of ‘Dream Part. 02.'”

Lastly, ASTRO added, “The promotion for our album and the release of our new album will be the around the end of this year. Personally, we hope to show our own performance on stage in the year-end award ceremonies.”

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