GFRIEND Shares Which MAMAMOO Members They Want To Grow Closer To

During their joint appearance on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” each GFRIEND member revealed which MAMAMOO member they wanted to become good friends with.

Eunha went first and shyly named Hwasa as her pick. Happy to be picked, Hwasa excitedly waved a “v-sign” at her. Yerin also chose Hwasa as the MAMAMOO member she wanted to become closer to, and once again, Hwasa unabashedly expressed her happiness.

Next in line, SinB amusingly started off in a similar manner to Yerin and said, “I want to become close to all four members but…” In the end, she chose Wheein, and explained, “We watch MAMAMOO’s video often, and [I want to become friends] because she’s so funny.” When she heard her name called, Wheein couldn’t help but dance before acting the same way as Hwasa.

Umji named Solar, and said, “We met MAMAMOO while practicing archery [at the Idol Star Athletics Championships], and at the time, I received everyone’s phone number except Solar’s.” MAMAMOO chimed in and revealed how Solar thinks that Umji is adorable, prompting an affectionate reaction from Solar.

Almost as if it was planned, Yuju then stated, “I’m really not lying when I say I wanted to choose Moonbyul in the first place.” While Moonbyul couldn’t help but laugh when Yuju said it was because she was “lovely,” Yuju followed up with an additional explanation. “When I first debuted, some people said I kind of look like [Moonbyul]. You know, there’s that feeling of wanting to be closer if you look alike,” she explained.

MAMAMOO and GFRIEND also tried their hand at “Random Play Dance” during this episode, with completely varying results.

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