Former “Produce 101” Trainee Han Hyeri Reveals Why She Left Star Empire Entertainment

Han Hyeri, one of the breakout stars from “Produce 101,” took to her social media to explain why she left Star Empire Entertainment.

She wrote on her Instagram on July 27, saying, “Hello, this is Han Hyeri.

“I am writing this because I think some of you might have been very shocked about the sudden news. Firstly, I’m very sorry to the fans who were waiting for me.

“A lot of things have happened, and I’ve become tired in both mind and body. I was very emotionally stressed. After lots of discussion with the company, we came to the conclusion of terminating the contract, thanks to the consideration of the company. Although I am afraid of the uncertain future after the termination of my contract, I would like to hold on to my dream of becoming a singer and try to achieve it until the very end.

“As hard as it was, I would like to take the time to recharge and stand in front of you with a better, brighter image. I trust that the company would cheer me on, and I will cheer on the OMZM members, Yoon Ji and Si Hyun. I will try my best to live up to the attention and the expectations. I’m sorry once again and thank you. I ask for lots of support going forward as well.”