5 Hilarious Moments When Akdong Musician Were Savage AF To Each Other

Only siblings can be engaged in mortal combat one moment and be best friends the next. Sibling duo Akdong Musician is known for their great musical talents – and also their pure savagery. No one can deny that they are truly siblings!

Take a look at our list of five times when Akdong Musician just about ended each other below!

1. That time when Soo Hyun had her brother totally in the palm of her hand

Hang in there, Chan Hyuk! 

2. The “Of Course” game

A dangerous game to play, especially in front of witnesses. And siblings know exactly what to say to push the other person’s buttons. Who do you think won this round?

3. When Soo Hyun was asked how she’d feel if Chan Hyuk and PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung dated.

Chanhyuk: 0; Suhyun: 1

4. The aegyeo battle

Chan Hyuk simultaneously looks in pain and slightly murderous after Soo Hyun’s aegyeo.

5. Their diss battle

Chanhyuk: 0; Suhyun:100. 

We know that there are many awesome moments of the two siblings and their hilarious savagery, so let us know what your favorite moment is in the comments below!

Meanwhile, check out Akdong Musician’s newest single “Dinosaur”:

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