Kang Ha Neul Clarifies Why He Left The Cast Of “Bad Guys 2”

In a recent interview, Kang Ha Neul spoke about his upccoming enlistment and also clarified the reason why he left the cast of the second season of the OCN drama ““Bad Guys.”

He explained, “There’s a bit of a misunderstanding. When I was cast for the drama, the shoots were to be finished by September 1. It had to be done before enlistment. They said that the shoots would be over before September, and that’s why I agreed to the drama.”

He then said, “However, the senior actors like Park Joong Hoon and Joo Jin Mo all had to work their schedules around mine, and that made me uncomfortable. I spoke with everyone and decided to leave the drama. The drama staff said that people seemed to be misunderstanding the situation, so I wanted to clarify that.”

By leaving the drama, Kang Ha Neul is left with a short and sweet month before his enlistment. He revealed that he would like to go traveling in that month.

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