Update: N.Flying Shares Track List And Highlight Medley For Upcoming Album

Updated July 30 KST:

N.Flying is back with a highlight medley and track list for their upcoming mini album!

The group is set to have a total of six songs in their mini album, and they provided snippets of each song in the highlight medley to raise the anticipation for their comeback.

From fun and energetic songs like “Let’s Get Down To It” and “R U Ready” to mellow tracks like “I’m Glad” (literal title), it looks like N.Flying has a lot planned for their fans. The title track “The Real Thing is Here” (literal title) is described as “A track that is direct about how a man feels about a woman he fell in love with at first sight,” and will feature a funky sound and powerful vocals.

Check out the highlight medley and let us know which song you’re most excited for!

Updated July 29 KST: 

N.Flying has released the “Unlock Stage 2” teasers, titled “Answer in THE REAL.”

“The Real” is the name of their upcoming mini album and each of the members’ teaser photos hint at what could be song titles. Questions at the top of the teaser lead to an answer at the bottom of the teaser, such as “What do you say when your ideal type approaches you?” (“This is ‘the real’ thing.”), “What sound goes through your head when you discover your ideal type?” (“Ding dong [bell sound]”), “How long does it take to fall into her gaze?” (“1 second”), “What happens when you listen to N.Flying’s ‘The Real?'” (“Fall only for me”), and “What do you want to say to your ideal type when you meet her?” (“Wait for me, my ideal girl”).

N.Flying’s comeback, with new member Yoo Hoe Seung, is scheduled for August 2.

Original Article: 

N.Flying is back with an interesting set of photos for their upcoming comeback.

The July 28 teasers were shared by FNC Entertainment under the theme “Unlock Stage 1: Hidden Truth.” The photos show two magazine covers, and one other photo is of a giant fish and a volleyball.

One magazine features CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun holding a giant fish with the title “The real thing is here! CNBLUE’s Jong Hyun appears at the Seomjin River.” The other shows the silhouette of a mermaid swimming in the ocean, with various article titles about mermaids surrounding her.

The odd imagery and fun cameo from CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun seem to hint at some kind of summer ocean-based concept, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see to get the final picture of what this upcoming comeback will be!

Check out the previous teaser images, as well as N.Flying’s first teaser video as a five-member group, with the addition of Yoo Hoe Seung!

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