Sleepy Talks About His Results And What He Learned From “Show Me The Money 6”

Sleepy recently talked about what he’s gained from competing in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 6” after getting his results.


On July 28, “Show Me The Money 6” moved on to the cipher round in order to determine teams. Contestants were put into groups of seven. The rules were that the contestant to come in first would get to choose their producer team and the contestant to come in last would be eliminated.

Sleepy was in the second group with many other skilled rappers like JJK and Hash Swan, and he was unfortunately eliminated. Upon hearing the cipher, the producers applauded the group and said, “Everyone did really well,” and “I was hoping for someone to make a mistake to make our decision easier.”

Although he got eliminated, Sleepy had a more positive outlook. He said, “I started this to get recognition from other rappers, but I am leaving feeling recharged with energy. I’m glad to have had this opportunity to push my boundaries.”

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