Lovelyz’s Jin Powers Through A Concert With Ankle Injury; Agency Responds

Lovelyz’s Jin has unfortunately sustained an ankle injury.

On July 29, Lovelyz held their summer concert “Alwayz.” After performing all of the songs, including the dance songs, Jin performed the encore song “Candy Jelly Love” sitting down.

Jin explained afterwards, “I twisted my ankle a little during rehearsal yesterday. I can still dance on it, or I wouldn’t have been able to finish the concert. It didn’t hurt too much, but I was able to stand on stage today because of the fans’ support. I’m sorry for not being able to complete the stage perfectly. I will make sure that I take care of myself so that I can finish the stage tomorrow.”

An agency representative said, “She went on stage because she really wanted to.” When asked whether she had to go to the hospital, they responded, “We will have to see what the situation is like after the concert today.”

We hope for Jin’s speedy recovery!

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