Here's What You Need To Know To Get Hyped For Weki Meki's Debut

What are the things that come into your mind when you hear the words “Weki Meki”? A Hawaiian pizza? A name of a cartoon? Or maybe an exotic island that no one has heard of? Well Fantagio Entertainment is debuting a new girl group on August 8, and yes, they’re called Weki Meki. The group consists of eight members including former IOI members Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung as well as Suyeon, Elly, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy.

Beyond their rather unique name choice, they’re a group that’s worth checking out. Here’s why:

The group’s quirky name has caught the attention of K-netizens

While there are several K-pop group names that have made us scratch our heads, once the group soars into popularity, the name immediately feels normal. Perhaps it’s sheer luck or the agency’s foresight. Group names oftentimes can sound odd at first, but once they grow on you, you will forget why you thought they were weird in the first place!

In the case of Weki Meki, it is actually pronounced as “Wiki Miki” or “위키미키” in Korean. Their nickname is “WEME” or “Wimi/ 위미,” which is the title of their first mini album. According to their agency, “MeKi” refers to eight unique girls who each hold keys that identify one another while “WeKi” refers to the girls as a group once they meet and come to possess another key that opens a new world. “WEME” signifies the eight members coming together to form a group. The quote in their teasers said: “Our debut album is a good start for ‘us’ and ‘me’ — the fans who waited a long time for our debut and the group name of Weki Meki.”

They already have fans, and their debut showcase sold out within one minute!

They’re dubbed as the next biggest “teen crush”

With their average age ranging from 15 to 20 years old, the group plays around the concept of funky and witty girls who will become the trendsetters for today’s teens. Off-camera, they’re relatable girl-next-doors; but onstage, they’re fierce, energetic, and talented performers.

Weki Meki is young, fresh-faced, and ready to conquer the world of K-pop

They have mad dancing skills

Their name might sound cute and quirky, but these girls have some fierce tricks up their sleeves. Check out their dance practice with Missy Elliot’s “WTF”:

Doyeon, Sooyeon, Lucy, and Elly’s dance moves for “SUPERLOVE”:

Some of the members have promoted as i-Teen Girls

Back in May, Fantagio Entertainment formed a rookie talent development program that included four trainees who were known as i-Teen girls. It was their tactic to drum up buzz around the girls and also perhaps to experiment to see how the fans would react. The members included: Seojung whose stage name is Sei, Sookyung a.k.a. Lua, Haerim ak.a. Elly, and former I.O.I member Choi Yoojung.

You’ll get to see multi-talented Choi Yoojung’s different facial expressions

Even before she debuted in I.O.I, Choi Yoojung was one of the “Produce 101” trainees who was placed as the center, which is the most coveted position in the show’s challenges. Everyone, including the judges, could see her eagerness and determination to perform, and she always had her game face on. From fierce to cute, this girl has got it all!

Amino Apps

Kim Doyeon is set to slay as the visual of the group

Kim Doyeon has always been known for her beauty, and prior to Weki Meki’s upcoming debut, she’s been busy gracing the pages of some of Korea’s top magazines. While Weki Meki as a whole is a pretty group, Doyeon is set to become the group’s fashion star. And with her stunning looks, she’s already the favorite for K-beauty features and products. But of course, she’s more than just her looks; she’s a gifted dancer and a performer (she was a former cheerleader captain in school).

Each member has their own charm

The one thing in common that these girls have is that most of them were born in the Gyeonggi province. They have been friends for a long time, which makes for great teamwork. In the teasers, the girls work their concept and look confident. Let’s hope they all live up to the hype!

Above (left to right): Lucy, Rina, Lua, Sei. Below (left to right: Doyeon, Elly, Yoojung, Suyeon.

Check out the music video for their debut track “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” below!

Hey Soompiers, what are you most excited about for Weki Meki’s debut? Let us know in the comments below!

DP_Kim is an English magazine writer and fashion fan whose goal in life is to wear heels and find the best OOTD locations while living in the farm outside of Jeonju, South Korea. Follow her Korean adventures here.

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