BIGBANG Fans Celebrate 4,000 Days Since Their Debut

It’s now been 4,000 days since BIGBANG made their debut!

BIGBANG debuted on August 19 of 2006 when they performed at the YG Family 10th Anniversary Concert, and they soon after released their first single album. They later shot to fame with their hit mini album “Always” in 2007, featuring the track “Lies.” BIGBANG has gone on to become one of K-pop’s most legendary groups in the almost 11 years since their debut and a leader in the Korean Wave, with the members also pursuing successful solo careers as well.

July 31 marks 4,000 days since the group’s debut, and BIGBANG’s fans have taken to Twitter to express their love and support for the group as they look back on their years together.

Happy 4,000 days to BIGBANG and their fans VIPs!