“Best Delivery Person” Co-Stars Chae Soo Bin And Go Kyung Pyo Have Nothing But Praise For Each Other

New stills for “Best Delivery Person” were released!

KBS 2TV’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Best Delivery Person” will air its first episode on August 4. Prior to the first air date, the drama has released new stills of the two leads, Chae Soo Bin and Go Kyung Pyo. They appear to have great chemistry together.

In fact, the two actors took to praising each other to the high heavens. Go Kyung Pyo said that one of the reasons why he chose to act in the drama is because of Chae Soo Bin. He said, “When I met her for the first time as alumni at our school, I thought she was a very attractive actress. When Chae Soo Bin is acting, she’s very responsible, works hard, and she’s very good at it.” He also said, “We’re having fun on set.”

Chae Soo Bin also said, “He’s loyal, and he has lots of leadership.” She explained, “As a co-star and senior actor, he leads me well, so I lean on him a lot. Our chemistry on set is really great, too. I’m been very blessed because the actors that I’ve gotten to work with so far have been so great, and I’m happy that I’ve met a great senior actor this time, too.”

Are you excited for the new drama?

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