“Produce 101 Season 2” Star Jang Moon Bok Tries Out Kang Daniel’s Pink Hair

Jang Moon Bok tried out Kang Daniel’s trademark pink hair!

In the recording for the upcoming August 1 episode of “Video Star,” Jang Moon Bok appeared as a guest. Even though Jang Moon Bok has his own trademark hairstyle, he said that Kang Daniel’s pink hair is a style that he’s always wanted to try. After making the transformation, “Jang Daniel” even copied Kang Daniel’s dance.

Jang Moon Bok also explained during the recording that he’s been living with rapper Outsider for the past three years. He shared the reason why they’ve been living together, and teared up while saying, “I’m so grateful, sorry, and apologetic.”

Meanwhile, Jang Moon Bok also revealed that he is gearing up to release his solo album sometime this month.

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