Kim Sejeong Is A Girl Crush With Her 3 Best Lines From

Kim Sejeong seems to have a lot of great things to say on KBS 2TV’s “School 2017.” Her lines from the show are righteous, relatable, and thought-provoking. Viewers have applauded the drama and commented, “When you stop and think about the words Ra Eun Ho (Kim Sejeong) says, it’s all indisputable.” Here are some of her quotes!

1. “How can we take it easy when our results will be displayed publicly?”

On the show, and in real life, students are constantly being tested. As soon as one exam comes to an end, the next one is announced, and it seems like these students just never get a break. So when her homeroom teacher tries to calm down the disgruntled students and tells them, “Don’t break under pressure. Just study to the best of your abilities and take it easy,” Ra Eun Ho responds by saying, “How can we take it easy when our results will be displayed publicly,” and speaks on the behalf of students everywhere. Also, as the school gives out lunch based on grades, Kim Sejeong’s character responds by saying, “Does not being a good student mean we also get hungry later? We pay the same for our school lunch. So how come we get the scraps for side dishes,” and points out flaws in the school system.

2. “Why couldn’t you have said that before?”

When her homeroom teacher says, “Being at the scene of the crime doesn’t make you the criminal,” in order to comfort Ra Eun Ho after she unfairly becomes a suspect of the crime, she points out that her teacher did not have the courage to stand up for her in front of the other adults. She responds, “But isn’t that chance (that I’m the criminal) high? Why couldn’t you have said that before? Why wait until now?” Ra Eun Ho is not afraid to call out her teachers when they are at fault, and is open in displaying her frustration.

3. “This is all because of X”

Although the perpetrator of the crime, X, still remains a mystery, Ra Eun Ho has some suspects in mind. When she gets the chance to talk in front of her peers, she fearlessly presents her speech, “This is all because of X,” and says everything she wants to say to the criminal. In her speech, she talks about how her life is falling apart because of X and says, “I am calling you out. I’m not going to let you get away. You’re dead in my hands.” Even though there were teachers present in the room, Ra Eun Ho is fearless and it’s easy to see why everyone is falling in love with her.

Which one of her quotes is your favorite?

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