Red Velvet Shares What Irene Was Like As A Trainee

During a guest appearance on the July 31 episode of MBC’s “Oppa Thinking,” Red Velvet revealed how people viewed Irene as a trainee, and clarified a common misconception about her.

“When Irene first entered as a trainee, she caused a frenzy among the other trainees because she was so pretty,” Seulgi revealed. While Irene denied this next fact, the other members added that to their knowledge, she was well-known for her looks as a student when she still lived in Daegu.

Irene is often deemed as having a “chic and cold image,” but the members explained how that wasn’t necessarily her personality.

Seulgi said, “She didn’t speak a lot as a trainee because of her dialect.” Joy also expressed, “She’s a very bright person in general. Irene is just very shy, and she’s careful about what she says. She thinks a lot about [her words].”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is currently promoting their summer hit, “Red Flavor” and is preparing for their first solo concert, which will take place in August.

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