Here’s How Twitter Is Reacting To Girls’ Generation’s 10th Anniversary Comeback

After two long years, Girls’ Generation has finally come back and are ready to slay! This year’s comeback is especially significant because it’s our girls’ 10th anniversary! Can you believe that it has already been 10 years since they debuted? Through the good and the bad, their strong sisterhood and love for their fans have always been a source of pride for SONEs everywhere.

As the anticipation rises, so do the feels, and the only way to go is to embrace it and let it go – by tweeting of course! Take a look below at some of the tweets of fellow SONEs who just can’t wait for this “Holiday Night” to get started:

You had me at “full group.” *heart eyes*

It’s tears of joy, okay? Tears of joy.

When that Soshi bond hits you right in the feels.

Why Girls’ Generation members are not just queens, but legends.

SM did them dirty, but that ain’t going to stop them from bopping to the top!

Sunday? I think you mean SONEday.

That one time when Justin Bieber was really relevant.

And lastly, the words of a wise leader:

Here’s to 10 years and many more with Girls’ Generation!

Check out their MVs for “Holiday” and “All Night”:

What do you love most about Girls’ Generation? Fangirl/boy with us in the comments below!

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