Watch: DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Navigates High School Life As A Robot In New Drama Trailer

The trailer for “I Am,” a sci-fi romance starring DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon, has been released!

“I Am” is a web drama distributed to middle and high schools in Korea through the Korea Science and Technology Foundation. Jung Chaeyeon stars as “Annie,” a robot created by a scientist who leaves his invention in the hands of his adult children, one of whom is a high school teacher.

In the trailer, Jung Chaeyeon struggles to navigate the world around her, especially the complex relationships that surround her fellow high school students. She is bullied by mean girls, makes new friends, and even battles street thugs before having a cute moment in the karaoke room where she robotically dances to DIA’s song “Will You Go Out With Me?”.

Watch the trailer here!

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