JJ Project On How They've Changed And Why They're Sorry To GOT7

JJ Project (GOT7’s JB and Jinyoung) recently made a long-awaited comeback with “Tomorrow, Today.” August 1, the duo held a press conference for the comeback, where the two expressed their love for each other, though they admitted they have their differences.

Jinyoung said about JB, “I love him a lot,” to which JB playfully responded, “[It’s] Not love, friendship.”

JB continued, “Our personalities are pretty different, but there are times when we’re so similar it gives us goosebumps. We get so surprised when we see photos that fans post online. They say that I copy Jinyoung’s mannerisms, and he copies mine.”

On how they’ve changed, Jinyoung said JB’s become a bit more laid back than before, while JB said Jinyoung’s become more gentlemanly and masculine. Their compliments for each other didn’t stop there. JB expressed his amazement at how comfortable it was to work with Jinyoung despite it being their first time co-writing, and Jinyoung emphasized how much he learns from JB. “[JB] composes like a machine. There are a lot areas where I’m lacking that I can learn about from JB. I understand now how he writes songs so well,” said Jinyoung.

The two also spoke about GOT7’s comeback and JB’s work as a songwriter. JB said he has continuously written songs, and that there is a lot of his work that didn’t make it into JJ Project’s album, though two of his songs may see the light of day through GOT7’s next album.

On the full group’s comeback, JB said, “I think [GOT7’s] new album will be released soon. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but JYP is a place that takes into account how hard you’ve worked. We’ve been working hard, so I think we’ll be able to make a release soon.”

JJ Project also spoke about how they are thankful but apologetic to the rest of the GOT7 members: “GOT7 could’ve easily made a comeback first, and there were opportunities for other units [from the group] to make releases too, but [we] made our release first. We felt sorry and a bit pressured because of that.”

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