A.C.E Talks Short Pants, Teenage Years, And Past Agencies For Magazine Pictorial

Boy group A.C.E recently sat down to discuss their teenage years, past agencies, short pants, and more during a pictorial with magazine BNT.

Leader Jun started off the interview by sharing the moment he wanted to become a singer. “When I was in middle school, I watched Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and was really shocked. After that, I felt that I had to become a singer.” Jason added that he was also highly impressed with “Rainism,” and told his father the next day that he wanted to join a dance school.

Wow responded, “While I was attending an applied music school, one of my friends cried after listening to my music. At the time, I felt like I could convey emotions through music and thought that I ought to become a singer. ” The youngest member, Chan, added that his parents own a record store, which he believes to have influenced his decision to become a singer.

The members were then asked to share the most difficult moments of their teen years. Jun related. “When I was 18 years old,  I moved from Suncheon to Seoul after passing an audition. I practiced for three months, but it was very difficult because I was so lonely. Ultimately I gave up and returned to Suncheon, but because I really wanted to do music, I auditioned again and was a trainee for three years. However, I left the company when I heard that the debut wasn’t going work out and that they had no plans to form a boy group. That’s when I met A.C.E.”

Finishing off his story, Jun shared, “Only my family has been able to give me strength when I’m struggling. For that, I am incredibly grateful.”

Donghun explained how he came across A.C.E, stating, “While I was in college and was about to begin my military service, I applied to all the audition shows. Luckily I was accepted to “Superstar K5″ where I made it up to the top 10. I wasn’t very well know, but through this experience I ended up meeting Jun and Wow.”

Both Jason and Chan had begun as trainees at JYP Entertainment. Jason opened up about his experience there, saying, “JYP has an 11-stage audition. I thought I would come in as last but I ended up getting first place. I had gotten into my dream company, but I was there for such a long time and kept seeing people younger than me going on to debut. There was nothing I could do, so I spoke with the company and left with Chan.”

Wow added to the conversation about past companies with a story about his time at YG Entertainment. “I passed the audition on my first try. Maybe it was because I had passed so easily, but at the time I didn’t have any sincerity or passion. I think I was there for about a year, but I wonder if I had been there longer if I would have become a member of WINNER.”

The group moved on to discuss their feelings about being know as the “short pants” idols. “At first it was embarrassing, but now it’s so comfortable that wearing longer clothes seems awkward.” Donghun added, “In order to wear short pants we have to remove all our leg hair and dead skin cells. We also put on oil for the first time.”

Jun continued with a laugh, “There was a big difference in our viewer numbers from when we changed from wearing regular pants to short pants. We might only wear short pants from now on.”

The boys wrapped up the interview by sharing how they deal with problems within the group. “We talk immediately about what was done that upset each other and solve the problem right away. When things are hidden from each other, the situation only gets worse. Even though we might fight, we solve problems immediately as they arise. That might be something only men can do!”

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