MAMAMOO Talks What They Would Be Doing If They Weren't Singers And Famous Jung Woo Sung Ad-Lib

MAMAMOO recently sat down for an interview and talked about what their lives would have been like had they not debuted as MAMAMOO as well as Moonbyul’s famous ad-lib involving actor Jung Woo Sung.

When asked what they would be doing if they weren’t singers, Solar responded, “I once wanted to major in Culture and Tourism. I even started preparing to become a flight attendant but realized that it didn’t fit with me…My mom is also a licensed real estate agent so there was this pressure to get a license in something. If I didn’t debut in MAMAMOO, I would probably be working in real estate.”

Moonbyul said, “When I was in elementary school, my dream was to become a teacher. Then in middle school and high school, I wanted to become a policewoman, although I didn’t make any great efforts [to become one].”

She continued, “I had the opportunity to perform on stage by chance and…it was exhilarating. That’s when I decided I had to be a singer.”

Wheein shared, “I wanted to be an artist. My mom majored in drawing so I really like drawing as well. I sincerely debated a lot between choosing art or music but decided that I could draw later as a hobby. So I decided then that I would work hard to become a singer.”

Hwasa added, “Wheein really has a passion for drawing. I feel like she still very much dreams of becoming an artist.”

The members, who are famous for their love of clever ad-libs, also talked about Moonbyul’s famous ad-lib line during an ad-lib filled performance of “Decalcomanie” at the “2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards” last November. During the performance, Moonbyul said, “Jung Woo Sung, if I drink this will you go out with me?” which was a reference to his famous line in the film “A Moment To Remember.”

Moonbyul shared her own thoughts about the ad-lib and said, “I heard that actors don’t really react [to performances] at film festivals so I worried a lot before but was honored when they reacted so well [to the ad-lib]. When I said that line, the camera just happened to fall on Jung Woo Sung and, while he enjoyed it, I was very thankful to Ha Jung Woo, who was sitting right in front of him, because he had such an excited reaction.”

As to how the ad-lib even came about, Moonbyul said, “The idea initially came from our agency and they told me to say it very loudly. But I was really burdened by the idea and debated whether to do it or not up until the moment that I said it. Even the idea of saying Jung Woo Sung’s name was nerve-wracking. That performance was my worst performance so far.”

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO has been receiving a great deal of love for their latest title track, “Yes I Am.”

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