New Project Group Of “Produce 101 Season 2” Trainees Being Speculated

As “Produce 101 Season 2” fan-imagined group JBJ is gearing up for debut, a second group may be in works!

This new group is known as Rains and consists of C2K Entertainment’s Kim Seong Ri, GON Entertainment’s Hong Eun Ki, K-Tigers Entertainment’s Byun Hyun Min, 2Y Entertainment’s Lee Ki Won, 2ABLE Entertainment’s Ju Won Tak, and WH Entertainment’s Seo Sung Hyuk.

The trainees have been constantly posting photos together on Instagram in recent days:

The posts have come with mysterious captions such as, “It’s raining, and we met again. Let’s meet again also when it doesn’t rain,” “It’s great seeing your faces so often,” and “Now, this is the beginning. Let’s go, let’s go!”

Hong Eun Ki and Lee Ki Won also covered Heize’s “You, Clouds, Rain” together:

Fans have been anticipating a possible debut from the group with the frequent meet-ups and caption hints.

What do you think of Rains as a possible project group?

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