Kim Sae Ron Opens Up About Why She Left School For Acting

Recently actress Kim Sae Ron, who celebrated her 17th birthday (international age) on July 31, sat down for an interview to talk about her career and future goals.

Kim Sae Ron is currently filming a movie with Ma Dong Seok but came up to Seoul to celebrate her birthday. This is her first project after switching agencies to YG Entertainment earlier this year and the company sent her an ice cream truck on set as a gift.

“I didn’t choose YG for their image,” she said. “I had a talk with the company employees, and the areas they wanted to pursue lined up with the direction I wanted to go. We had a good connection.”

Kim Sae Ron had previously been enrolled in the School of Performing Arts Seoul but voluntarily left her studies.

“Living as an actor, it was inevitable that I would miss school often,” she said. “I felt that I was causing harm to my friends… I didn’t think that I could perfect my studies and acting at the same time so I chose acting instead.”

She continued, “There are a lot of things I want to learn and that was part of the reason why I chose to leave. Studies are important, but I want to learn things like [foreign] languages. I’m using the time I used to spend at school to learn the things I want to learn.”

The actress revealed that she was taking private lessons in English and Chinese. “When I don’t have a shoot, I go about three times a week,” she said. “It’s partly to improve my acting, but I’ve wanted to learn languages for a long time. Now that I’m learning, it’s fun.”

When asked if she had any regrets about leaving school, she said, “I’m still in contact with my high school friends and I meet up with them often. I also stay in contact with my old teachers. Leaving school was my own choice, as well as choosing to study other things, so I don’t regret it. Before I made my decision, I talked a lot to the people around me. I’m satisfied and living a good life.”

Kim Sae Ron confirmed that she still aims to take the high school graduation examinations next year and plans to go to college. “I’m thinking of majoring in theatre/film,” she said. “I don’t have any particular schools in mind yet, though. I’m getting a lot of advice from the people around me. Rather than thinking about it by myself, I think it’s helpful to listen to other opinions. Like my family or friends. My friends have been around since I was young, although there are friends I’ve met through work as well.”

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