JJ Project Names Which Members Should Be In Next Sub-Unit Of GOT7

Following their first comeback in five years, GOT7’s sub-unit, JJ Project, sat down for an interview and shared who they think should be in the next sub-unit for GOT7 and more.

First, JB named Yugyeom and Youngjae for the next sub-unit, and reasoned, “They can be loud and energetic. I think they have the ability to make a more exciting stage than JJ Project.” Then, Jinyoung named Youngjae and Jackson. He said, “They look like they might or might not go well together. But I think they will work because Youngjae is really into hiphop nowadays.”

Next, JJ Project talked about how they’ve changed over the last five years. JB started and said, “Jinyoung used to be very hyper and crazy. He’s gotten a lot calmer. I think he’s matured a lot.” Next, Jinyoung replied, “JB has gotten a lot more comfortable. When we first debuted, I could sense a bit of urgency with him. Now, he has gotten calmer in the way he handles our music.”

Lastly, the duo finished the interview by sharing what JJ Project and GOT7 means to them. JB spoke first an said, “JJ project is a true reflection of us. It’s a creative outlet we use to express ourselves. GOT7 on the other hand, is a place where we can be a little cooler and put together. We need to put more hard work and effort into GOT7.”

Jinyoung then commented, “JJ Project is like being at home. When I am at home, a lot of different thoughts go through my head, and JJ Project is a way for me to release these emotions. GOT7, however, is like going on a trip with friends. I am happy and have so much fun when I am with the other members. When I’m having a lot of fun, I’m GOT7. When I’m expressing my inner thoughts, I’m JJ Project. I want to continue to be a part of both.”

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