“Infinite Challenge” Shares Details About Upcoming “Produce 101”-Inspired Special

On August 6, MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” shared a poster for Jung Joon Ha’s special segment on the show, which was revealed to be “Producer 101.”

The poster reads, “Five different segments created by the members of ‘Infinite Challenge’! Jung Joon Ha will create ‘Producer 101.’ The person to make Jung Joon Ha a superstar, me, it’s me~! We are recruiting producers to create a program just for Jung Joon Ha. Company S, company K, company J, company C… not restricted to the broadcasting company you’re associated with! Anyone can apply, as long as you are a producer who can make Jung Joon Ha shine.”

It was previously announced that “Infinite Challenge” would be doing a special inspired by “Produce 101,” and it seems that the special will turn the original “Produce 101” system upside down and have the artist (Jung Joon Ha) evaluate his producers.

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