Wanna One Members Crack Up Over Kids' Comments On Their Looks On

Members of Wanna One recently got to spend the day with three of the beloved children of “The Return of Superman”!

In this week’s episode, Wanna One members Kang Daniel, Yoon Ji Sung, and Park Ji Hoon visited the home of Lee Dong Gook’s family to babysit Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Si An (formerly known by his nickname Daebak).

The kids were thrilled when the guys arrived, and excitedly welcomed them into their home, before the two girls seemed to get a bit shy. Yoon Ji Sung asked the children if they’d seen them before, and Si An sang part of “Pick Me” (the theme song from “Produce 101 Season 2”) for them.

While Lee Dong Gook and the guys were talking, Seol Ah suddenly jumped in to say, “Looks like a woman!”

She seemed to have been speaking to Park Ji Hoon, since Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung burst out laughing as they turned towards him.

“Who looks like a woman?” asked Yoon Ji Sung to clarify, as Park Ji Hoon laughed and looked at her while pointing at himself in question.

“All of you!” she replied, making the guys laugh again. The caption on the episode read, “You’re all so pretty.”

Lee Dong Gook then asked her who looked like an “oppa” (a term for a girl’s male acquaintance or relation who is older but within the same generation), seemingly because he wanted the girls to determine who looked like “oppas” and who seemed like older “uncles.”

Seol Ah immediately pointed at Yoon Ji Sung, who is the eldest member of the trio at 27 years old in Korean reckoning. Yoon Ji Sung was naturally thrilled by her choice, and gave her a big hug.

Soo Ah and Si An then also both picked Yoon Ji Sung as the “oppa,” earning them hugs from a very happy Yoon Ji Sung as Park Ji Hoon and Kang Daniel laughed.

Lee Dong Gook told the kids to call Yoon Ji Sung and Kang Daniel “uncle” as they’re both in their 20s, and call Park Ji Hoon “oppa” (and “hyung” for Si An).

Seol Ah then jumped in again to say, “Looks like an alien.”

Surprised by this sudden declaration, Yoon Ji Sung asked who she meant. She pointed right at Park Ji Hoon, cracking everyone up again. Park Ji Hoon laughed and said to her, “I’m human though.”

When the twin girls then came over to start playtime with the guys, Seol Ah asked Yoon Ji Sung, “Why is your nose so big?”. Yoon Ji Sung laughed as Soo Ah then yelled while jumping on the sofa, “This uncle’s nose is the biggest!”

Yoon Ji Sung explained to them in a wise tone, “When you become adults, your nose will become this big too!”

The girls then continued to examine the trio. Seol Ah played with Kang Daniel’s hair before announcing, “This is too stiff!”. Kang Daniel explained that he’d put hair spray in it, but Soo Ah confidently said, “It’s fake hair!”

“It’s my hair!” he protested.

Si An then pointed at each of the guys in turn, announcing that Yoon Ji Sung and Kang Daniel’s hair was fake, but then felt Park Ji Hoon’s hair as he said, “This is real hair!”

Later on, their fellow Wanna One member Ong Sung Woo joined the guys to help out. When he arrived, they all asked the kids whether they thought Ong Sung Woo was an “oppa” or an uncle.

“Uncle!” said Soo Ah after thinking hard.

Park Ji Hoon and Yoon Ji Sung jokingly comforted Ong Sung Woo by patting him on the shoulders as Park Ji Hoon commented, “You must look old!”

Watch Wanna One spend the day with Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Si An in August 6’s episode of “The Return of Superman”!

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