Samuel Thanks Fans For Supporting Him During First Week Of Promotions

Samuel Kim had a whirlwind of a debut week and he recently took to Instagram to thank his fans!

The singer and former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant dropped his solo debut album “Sixteen” on August 2 and has been busily promoting ever since.

In an Instagram post uploaded on August 6, he wrote, “Hello, this is Samuel. I’ve finished my first debut performances and came to the practice room to practice. I thought to myself whether this is real life or a dream. Simply [K-Pop], showcase, M!Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, I can’t believe I’ve stood on all these stages. It was a really happy and thankful time. I am so, so grateful to my GARNET and I will work hard to show a cooler side of myself and repay all the love you’re giving me. After finishing today’s work, I will thank everyone directly later this evening!!”

He later uploaded a post announcing that he would be holding a fan signing on August 11 at the Dongja Art Hall.