Police Start Investigating Choi Joon Hee And Grandmother Due To Abuse Allegations

Following the late Choi Jin Shil’s daughter Choi Joon Hee’s posts about her abusive maternal grandmother, the police have started an official investigation.

On August 7, Seoul Seocho Police Station revealed that they will start investigating Choi Joon Hee’s social media posts about her grandmother’s abuse towards her.

Previously, Choi Joon Hee posted about the abuse she has been enduring at the hands of her grandmother. Prior to her post, the police had been called due to Choi Joon Hee and her grandmother arguing and getting into a physical fight the night before her Facebook post.

Following her shocking post, Choi Joon Hee has continued to post about the abuse on her social media accounts. The police have revealed that after questioning Choi Joon Hee they will question her grandmother.

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