Jay Park Lightheartedly Expresses His Disappointment At “Show Me The Money 6” Editing

Jay Park has spoken up about the disappointing editing of a recent “Show Me the Money 6” episode.

On August 7, he took to his personal Instagram to joke about his team’s lack of screen time, saying, “We had a rough time filming in the super hot weather at [the theme park] Everland, but everything got edited out. �de0e�dc4d#AOMG1LLIONAIRE #H1GHRAMBITION #Dobak #How could ‘Show Me the Money’ treat us this way #Ja Mezz #Junoflo #Double K #Woodie Go Child #Ness.”

This certainly isn’t the first time people have spoken up about “Show Me the Money 6” editing. Zico and Dean’s team recently defended Olltii after he went through some “devil’s editing” on the show.

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