Watch: Red Velvet's Joy Surprises Former

When BTOB’s Yook Sungjae was one of the guests on the August 7 episode of MBC’s “Oppa Thinking,” he had an unexpected surprise awaiting him!

One of the panelists explained that someone special had sent in a video message addressed to him, and that “it could be a little shocking.”

While Yook Sungjae looked slightly frightened at who it might be at first, he burst into laughter when he realized who it was.

The video started out with closeups of a female’s hair piece and hands, as she explained that she has a close sibling-like relationship with Yook Sungjae.

“When I didn’t know what to do during my first [regular] variety show appearance, he told me, ‘You don’t have to try so hard to look good to everyone because you are someone who gives off a good feeling in your own way,'” she revealed. “I don’t know why he tried so hard to seem older when we’re only one year apart. I just accepted it as a cute action.”

After saying that he would see her as special since they didn’t “just have a sibling-like relationship,” the female revealed herself to be none other than Red Velvet’s Joy.

Yook Sungjae and Joy had previously been an onscreen couple on “We Got Married.” During the remainder of her video, Joy expressed, “While our fake marriage may have ended a while ago, I am a kind little sister who is always supporting you in my thoughts. Let’s continue to stay close.”

Feeling thankful for her message, Yook Sungjae commented, “I was so startled.”

The BTOB member also explained afterwards that he had acted a lot older than her because he had already been in the industry for around three or four years when they met. Yook Sungjae remembered some of the advice he said to Joy, but then added, “I don’t know why I acted that way back then!”

Watch all of Yook Sungjae’s amusing reactions throughout Joy’s video message below!

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