Watch: Wanna One Members Swim Into Fans' Hearts With Water Park Commercials On

This week, “Weekly Idol” aired its highly anticipated episode featuring Wanna One, where all 11 members showed off their charms and skills throughout the show.

In one segment, hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn offered Wanna One members a chance to shoot their very own water park commercial with the line, “Can I swim into your heart?”.

To the dismay of the members who laughed at shooting a water park commercial in the basement of “Weekly Idol,” Jung Hyung Don reassured them by bragging about the amazing computer graphic skills of their staff.

First up was Lai Guan Lin who swam in the water and said his line in English.

The second member was Ong Sung Woo, or “Wanna One’s Yoo Jae Suk” as nicknamed by Jung Hyung Don. He showed off his popping dance moves in the water.

The third member was “wink idol” Park Ji Hoon, who showed off his manly side by diving into the water and pushing his hair back.

Next up was Bae Jin Young who made realistic swimming noises and then stood in the sun to ask if he could swim into your heart.

Kang Daniel was next, and was dubbed as the “physical king” of the group. He pretended to surf in the water and said the line with his signature Busan accent.

Kim Jae Hwan, nicknamed the “the main of everything for Wanna One,” backstroked in the pool, which was met with lukewarm reactions.

Next up was Park Woo Jin, who requested a customized kiddie pool to be edited into his scene. On cue, he pretended to fall into the pool and said, “I fell into your heart,” which made everyone cringe.

Last but not least was Hwang Min Hyun, who had been sighing with nervousness as he was the last to go. Dubbed as “Wanna One’s father,” Hwang Min Hyun pretended to ride in a tube and asked, “Can I swim in your heart?”.

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