9 Reasons Why Taeyang Is A Dance Legend

Taeyang’s love for dance and music started when he was just a kid, leading him to sign with YG Entertainment when he was only 13 years old. From then on, he practiced and perfected his skills in order to become the well-seasoned dancer and singer that we all know today. Many people refer to Taeyang as a dance legend. As you’ll see below, he’s certainly proven himself to be worthy of the title.

1. He brings the power to dance battles

During any dance-off, Taeyang is sure to claim his title as king. When he unleashes the full power of his moves, nobody can stand in his path. Just watch him dance below:

2. He’s ready to dance at any time

Taeyang is highly skilled at dancing in any sort of situation, and cooking is definitely no exception.

3. He can dance in a variety of styles

This dance practice video from Taeyang’s earliest days in BIGBANG is more than enough proof that he is a talented dancer who can dance in a variety of different styles:

4. His memorable choreo for “Wedding Dress”

“Wedding Dress” is basically Taeyang’s golden era of dance. If there’s any choreography you should memorize by heart, this is the one.

If you haven’t already seen the MV, check it out below:

5. His smooth dance moves

Taeyang is known for his strong and smooth dance moves. With these two styles combined, he can leave any audience screaming in shock.

Check out the MV for “Where U At” below:

6. His ability to adapt

Even when the song isn’t his, Taeyang can effortlessly adapt the choreography and dance like he owns it.

7. “Ringa Linga”

I think the whole world was shookt when Taeyang released the performance video for “Ringa Linga.” Most of us won’t ever recover…

Check out the original MV below:

8. Every dance is an actual performance

Whether he’s on stage or in the practice room, one thing never changes: Taeyang treats every dance like it’s an actual performance.

9. His freestyle dancing

Even when dancing to songs from girl groups, Taeyang’s freestyle can’t be shaken. No matter what song is thrown at him, he can still keep his cool.

Taeyang is currently in the middle of his world tour for WHITE NIGHT. Check out the “Darling” MV from his latest comeback below!

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J. Simpson is a Creative Writing student hailing from the U.S. with a habit for binging Asian dramas and rocking out to Korean music. She hopes to one day travel internationally and teach English. Say hello and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.