BTS Fans React To Viral Smeraldo Comeback Concept Theory

With fans eagerly anticipating BTS’s comeback in September, all eyes were on Jin’s recent Twitter post featuring flowers and the word “Smeraldo.” The post resulted in a fans researching the flower and its possible connection to their comeback concept.

First of all, “smeraldo” is not an actual flower. However, fans found a florist who is planning on opening a shop called Flower Smeraldo.

Interestingly enough, a photo from the blog has “BTS_Smeraldo” in the file name. More potential connections were found as fans digged into the Instagram account for the shop which features photos of smeraldo as well as written words that say “sincerity that was not able to be delivered.” Fans speculate that the words are in Jin’s handwriting.

There’s more purported evidence when you go to the blog source which shows content being labeled as “Seok Jin’s flower” (Seok Jin is Jin’s birth name). The blog address “testesso” is close to the translation of “love yourself” in Italian.

Furthermore, the smeraldo flower shop is scheduled to open in September much like BTS’s comeback. The blog also mentions “The Smeraldo Academy” which was established four years ago on Sep 12. This date is the same as Rap Monster’s birthday and BTS’s debut anniversary date.

The theory goes deeper as the blog has an event asking people to send their stories about sincerity until Aug 15 10 p.m. KST. There will be seven winners. Fans are speculating that the seven winners alludes to BTS since they have seven members, that the deadline is the last day of “Bon Voyage,” and there’s a possibility of comeback teasers being released starting from Aug 16.

It get’s more interesting as the blog was created the same day that BTS’s new identity and logo were revealed.

In addition, it appears as though the members have been hinting at their comeback concept earlier. Suga’s narration in BTS’s collab compaign with Puma includes the words “sincerity that couldn’t get delivered.” J-Hope also talked about BTS appearing as seven flowers if you look down from a far universe.

There are more theories about Smeraldo being the name of a city in “The Wizard of Oz” and how elements from the story could be incorporated in BTS’s upcoming comeback. The aforementioned blog also mentions a fictional poet named William Ashbless.

If all these theories are correct, it looks like Big Hit planned all of this for a long time and fans have cleverly discovered everything.

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