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Upcoming film “Toilet” is under controversy for resembling a real-life homicide case that occurred near Gangnam Station in 2016.

The synopsis of the film revealed that “Toilet” is about two men who attempt rape and commit murder after being rejected by women. The movie poster also includes the catchphrase, “Everything was accidental and out of impulsive rage.”

The film is based on the real-life Gangnam Station murder case, where a woman in her 20s was murdered by a male stranger in a public toilet on May 17, 2016. The offender had waited an hour in front of the toilet to target a female victim. At the time, the case gave rise to a nationwide dispute due to its misogynistic nature.

After the film’s synopsis was made public, many netizens took to social media to express that it is inappropriate to screen a film based on such a recent case, since it may hurt the family of the deceased.

Still others pointed out that “Toilet” is problematic due to inaccurate narrative. The real-life crime was a case of premeditated murder, in which the offender planned the crime an hour in advance, while the film depicts an impulsive murder. Many criticized that the audience might mistake the actual case for another crime of passion.

One feminist organization voiced that they will boycott the film, explaining, “The production staff of ‘Toilet’ should admit that the poster’s slogan fails to acknowledge the misogynistic aspect of the Gangnam Station murder case, and may cause secondary suffering to those who were affected by the crime.”

In response to the heated controversy, the director of the movie posted a message of clarification on his Instagram account.

The director stated, “The movie ‘Toilet’ is completely unrelated to the Gangnam Station case, and it was definitely not created to defend the offender,” and clarified, “The film’s motive was to raise awareness of similar crimes.”

He went on to explain, “The message of the film is that perfect crimes do not exist and that criminals inevitably get punished in the end.” The director’s Instagram account has since been deleted.

Whether or not the film will be able to premiere after its controversy remains uncertain.

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