Girls' Generation's Sooyoung And Tiffany Talk About The Times They Almost Got Into A Fight

On August 10, KBS’s “Happy Together 3” broadcast their “Girls’ Generation 10th Anniversary” special episode with the girl group members as guests.

During the episode, Sooyoung and Tiffany shared details of a couple times they almost got into a fight. Sooyoung said, “At a concert, I wanted to write support messages for the staff. Tiffany is a perfectionist and doesn’t like to get distracted by anything before a concert, so she was the only one late in writing the message. I was the one who planned the event so I complained and said something like, ‘It’s hard work gathering everyone up to do something’ and Tiffany said, ‘Then don’t do it.'”

She continued, “I answered, ‘If a member goes out and does something like this, you should thank them’ and Tiffany said ‘Thank you’ in an angry tone. But that was so cute that I ended up laughing.”

Tiffany also shared an incident that broke out between the two of them over a hamburger. She said, “We were in the middle of touring and doing broadcasts and we were so busy that we didn’t have time to eat. Sooyoung was eating a hamburger and I got permission to eat some of it. But I was in full makeup at the time and lipstick got on the hamburger. So Sooyoung said, ‘If you’re going to eat it, can you eat it without getting lipstick on it?'”

Sooyoung denied this version of events, saying, “No, that’s not it. I just said, ‘Ah, lipstick.’ I’m very sensitive about my food but I think Tiffany was hurt.”

She added, “But then Taeyeon said she’s okay with lipstick and gave Tiffany her burger instead. Then I was a little embarrassed. This happened 5 years ago but Tiffany is still wary of her lipstick when she’s eating.”

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