Girls’ Generation Shares Which Members Have Changed The Most Since Their Debut On “Happy Together”

On August 10, Girls’ Generation made a guest appearance on KBS2’s “Happy Together” and revealed which members they believe have changed the most since their debut.

One member that they agreed changed drastically was the group’s youngest member Seohyun. Yuri explained, “[When we first debuted,] Seohyun would answer our questions very quietly and in a timid manner. There was a time when she didn’t speak for a month and we thought she was sick.”

She continued, “But now Seohyun has changed a lot. She’s become a very bold maknae.”

Sooyoung, however, picked Yuri as a member that had changed a lot since their debut. Sooyoung explained, “Yuri used to have a playful image. I thought that lately her image had become more of a sexy and luxurious one; however, seeing her today, I see that her playful side is very much still there,” causing everyone to laugh.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation made their comeback with “All Night” last week.

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