WINNER Talks About Making Bets And Where They See Themselves In 10 Years

On August 10, WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, and Song Mino appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” to promote their new title tracks, “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND.” During the show, the members also answered questions from listeners and talked about where they hope to be in 10 years.

First, WINNER commented on who the cutest member is in the group. They said, “Song Mino acts cute all the time on TV shows, but Lee Seung Hoon will also act cute if you ask him to.” Following this, Lee Seung Hoon showed off his cuteness facing the live camera.

Following this, Kang Seung Yoon talked about how unlucky he is when it comes to making bets and playing games. He said, “I don’t make a lot of bets anymore, but when we were in Hawaii, Song Mino proposed a bet and we ended up playing ‘rock, papers, scissors’ with 10 people. I thought I wouldn’t lose because the chances were slim, but I lost anyways.”

Finally, when asked what WINNER hopes to be like 10 years down the road, Kang Seung Yoon said, “I want to be someone who acts my age, and I also hope to be promoting new albums with WINNER when I am in my thirties.”

Lee Seung Hoon also weighed in and jokingly said, “I want to be able to pull off a suit and tie fashion when I am in my thirties.” Following this, Song Mino said, “I don’t want to get older and I don’t want to grow up. I will stay as I am now.”

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