Dreams, Justice, And Bad Boys: 5 Reasons To Check Out “School 2017”

With summer winding down, KBS2’s “School 2017” is the perfect drama to be watching, especially since it revolves around the lives of high school life and students. You might not want to watch a K-drama that reminds you of school, but if you can look past that, here are some reasons why you should definitely check out this drama!

1. Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Sejeong

First and foremost, the main couple has to be mentioned because they are perfectly cast.

Kim Sejeong plays the bright and cheerful Ra Eun Ho. She doesn’t get the best grades, but she has the biggest heart. She sympathizes with people and also has big dreams of becoming a webtoon artist, which she doesn’t give up on.

I was a fan of Kim Sejeong to begin with, so I pleasantly surprised that she was cast in this drama. It was even more surprising to see how well she is able to display her acting abilities. There isn’t a moment throughout the drama thus far where it feels like she is forcibly acting, which is amazing considering it’s her first acting role. Her girl crush character suits her perfectly and I’m so satisfied by her performance.

As for Kim Jung Hyun, he plays the role of Hyun Tae Woon, the trouble-maker who also happens to be the son of the director of the school. His classmates seem to avoid him as they despise the fact that he can get away with anything because of his dad’s position. He by no means uses this to his advantage and actually rebels against special treatment.

Despite never watching any of Kim Jung Hyun’s previous dramas, I knew the moment I saw him in this drama that he was going to steal the show. The way that he’s able to show such charisma when he’s upset or angry and then act like a lovesick puppy the next is talent that can’t be overlooked. He’s lately even being compared to Kim Woo Bin. And if he’s headed in the same direction as his senior, then we will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future.

2. The hope that there are people rooting for you to succeed

This hope is embodied in the teacher, Sim Kang Myung (Han Joo Wan). His genuine love and willingness to care for his students is touching to see and gives hope that there are real people out there like him. He’s fair, but compassionate when he needs to be and is the voice that the students so desperately need.

In a world that sometimes makes it tough for us to achieve our dreams, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who will support you and push you forward instead of tearing you down. Let’s root for good.

3. The lovesick bad boy

Everyone loves a bad boy turning into mush at the hands of a girl. Hyun Tae Woon is no exception. He gets into trouble, rides a motorcycle, and cares nothing about what other people think of him; yet when it comes to the girl he likes, he’s weak and we love him for it. His character has recently been given the nickname Hyun Tae SWOON and we can totally see why. His tough boy exterior is no match for the sweet and lovely Ra Eun Ho. It has been a delight to see him fall deeper and deeper in love with her as the weeks progress. 

4. Ra Eun Ho’s father

It may seem like an odd reason to watch this drama, but I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly touched by the love Ra Eun Ho’s father has for his daughter. He doesn’t pressure her to get good grades, which is hardly the case (especially in South Korea). Instead, he tries to support her and her dreams of becoming an artist. He even takes up another hard-working job so that he can send her to the drawing academy that she really wants to go to. His genuine love for her will bring tears to your eyes!

5. It’s relatable

Ra Eun Ho’s love and passion for food is gold.

Anyone else this easily swayed by ice cream?

Also me:

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there are different aspects in this drama that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s the smart Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon) who is struggling to try and get ahead of everyone so that he can support himself in the future, or it’s Eun Ho who has the heart and passion to achieve her dreams; everyone is just doing their best to get by. “School 2017” so beautifully embodies this in all the characters as a whole.

Catch the first episode of “School 2017” below if you haven’t already!

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