Han Ji Min Is The Perfect Guest On “Three Meals A Day,” Asked To Be A Fixed Member

Eric, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Kyun Sang, the men of tvN’s “Three Meals A Day,” felt the effects of having a female guest on their show for the first time.

Actress Han Ji Min surprised the three actors by showing up on their island home. On this week’s episode, which chronicled the second day of her visit, she had completely adjusted to the “Three Meals A Day” life. The actress helped Yoon Kyun Sang milk the goats, caught octopus with her bare hands, and cooked a delicious dinner. Lee Seo Jin was so impressed with her that he told her to “just stay on as a regular member” instead of being a guest.

Han Ji Min even got Lee Seo Jin to do a lot of work during her stay, impressing the cast and the production staff.

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