Kim Chungha And Samuel Show Off Their Teamwork In Dressing Room Interview

Kim Chungha’s agency, MNH Entertainment, uploaded an interview of Kim Chungha and Samuel Kim from their dressing room. The two artists are veterans of “Produce 101” and promoted Samuel Kim’s song “With U” together on various music shows.

When asked about their chemistry and teamwork for “With U,” Kim Chungha confidently said, “It was perfect,” and said it’s just their concept to be “close in real life but pretending to be awkward together.”

Then, Kim Chungha shared that she met Samuel Kim for the first time when she ran into him on the street in front of a studio while she was humming “Pick Me” to herself. She explained that she was embarrassed that she was caught humming “Pick Me,” while Samuel told his side of the story, saying that he didn’t say hi to her because he wasn’t absolutely sure it was her. The second time they met was when Kim Chungha watched Samuel Kim perform “Get Ugly” while competing on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

To test their teamwork, they played a game in which they were given two choices and had to choose one at the same time.

Watch their interview to see how compatible they are offstage!