Changsub Shows Love For BTOB Members And Talks About Joint Military Enlistment Plans

BTOB’s Changsub is making a name for himself in the theater scene, playing the role of Lucien in the musical “Napoleon.” On August 13, he participated in a press interview and talked about his plans for military enlistment as well as how he deals with the pressure of performing.

First, when asked if he feels any pressure for his parts in different musicals, he said, “I don’t feel much pressure at all. I just do what I am capable of and try my best. If I continue to do this, I believe people will eventually start to recognize me. I don’t want to worry over what haters think. If I started caring about these things, my life would be too tiring. I wasn’t always like this, but when I started to change my perspective in this manner, I started to feel more comfortable and at ease.”

Changsub also mentioned who he thinks are the funniest members in BTOB. The singer stated, “Nowadays, I think Eunkwang, Peniel, and Yook Sungjae are the funniest. Especially Peniel. He is a funny member waiting to be discovered.”

Finally, Changsub touched upon the subject of military enlistment. He said, “When the time comes, I think Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, and I will enlist first. At least three of us need to go together so the younger members can continue promoting at our agency. However, we also talked about all of us going at the same time. If we do this, I think we will come back stronger than ever, but in reality, it will be difficult to make this happen.”

Changsub also continued, “Since Peniel doesn’t have to go to the military, at least one member will have to stay behind because we can’t leave him alone. We all love each other a lot. We are a family.”

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