QUIZ: Are You More Like BTS's Jungkook Or GOT7's Yugyeom?

BTS and a unit of GOT7 are throwing comebacks and teasers our way like there’s no tomorrow. So, both ARMYs and iGOT7s are a bit on edge lately: ARMYs are analyzing even the smallest of details in all BTS-related videos, sticking clues on a wall in a dark basement and connecting them with red lines – while iGOT7s are drooling all over the place because of JJ Project, and quite justifiably so.

To help you ease the psychological terror and maybe find a little peace in times of chaos, here’s a cute little personality quiz that’ll tell you the really very important truth of whether you’re either more Jungkook or more Yugyeom. Are you more like the cute, sometimes evil maknae of BTS, or more like the also cute, also sometimes evil maknae of GOT7? Take this quiz and find out!

Hey Soompiers, so what’s your result? Are you happy with what you got? Tell us in the comments below!

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