Update: Red Velvet Drops “Rebirth” MV Teaser

Updated August 18 KST:

Red Velvet has dropped their music video teaser for “Rebirth”! Check it out below:

Updated August 17 KST:

Red Velvet has released more sound teasers for Irene, Joy, and Yeri!

Take a listen below:

Updated August 16 KST:

Red Velvet has given fans some previews of their remake of “Rebirth” through individual sound teasers for Wendy and Seulgi! Take a listen to them below.

Original Article: 

SM STATION recently announced that their next artist will be none other than popular girl group Red Velvet!

In the teaser, the members narrate over a beautiful illustration. They imitate a subway stop announcement, stating that they will be releasing a remake of Yoon Jong Shin’s famous song “Rebirth.”

The song will be released on SM STATION on August 18 at 6 p.m. KST.

Red Velvet recently made a comeback with their hit summery track “Red Flavor.”

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