Slimy K-Beauty! Snail Masks To Get Your K-Drama Star Skin

Want to shave five years from those fine lines this summer? Try relying on our slimy friends to do wonders for your skin. Ask any K-beauty expert or any K-drama heroine in love, and they’ll tell you that snail mucin (yes, the really sticky stuff) has been proven to help stimulate collagen and elastin – the two key ingredients in fighting wrinkles and slowing our aging process.

Kim Ji Won working her skincare magic in “Fight My Way

So which brands can deliver the K-drama results?

Tony Moly, being one of my all-time personal favorites, tops my list for sheet masks. I use it three times a week, especially after a good run on a treadmill, and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized, tight, and supple. Of course, good diet and exercise are necessary for any type of anti-aging and healthy lifestyle, but a snail sheet mask could really be that tipping point.

Forever 21 also has a great selection of K-beauty products, including these “Holy Moly” masks from COSRX. Keep these sheets stored in a refrigerator to amplify the cooling effects you want during hot summer days!

Soo Ae also offers a great selection of snail masks that are designed to brighten and moisturize at the same time. It’s known to promote healthier skin by correcting hyperpigmentation, so it’s great for those that want to calm minor skin irritations.

Seasonal tip:  If you are looking for new sheet masks to brighten your skin and give it that extra moisture for the summer, make sure you make it extra slimy. You can check out the variety of snail masks available for your specific needs below!

If you’re new to K-beauty and don’t where to start, check out the video below in which a few members of the Viki crew try out cute character sheet masks for the first time.

For more skincare and beauty tips, you can also check out the wide array of Beauty Influencers at the CREATED channel on Viki!

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