5 Hot Breakout Actors You Need To Know

Recent dramas have blessed us with new eye candy through talented and handsome actors. These breakout actors have had smaller roles and projects before, but are now gaining some well-deserved attention and are poised to be the next big stars.

Check out these hot scene and heart stealers below!

1. Dong Ha

The 25-year-old actor has impressed with his unique looks and ability to portray diverse characters. He caught viewers’ eyes with his role as a well-meaning heir on KBS’s “Chief Kim” and flaunted a bromance with Namgoong Min. More recently, he proved his acting skills as a creepy serial killer on SBS’s “Suspicious Partner.”

2. Woo Do Hwan

Also 25, Woo Do Hwan is currently capturing hearts with his role on OCN’s “Save Me.” You can’t help but feel for his lonely character Seok Dong Cheol who ends up losing a lot all at once. He previously had smaller roles on “The Man Living in Our House,” “Dramaworld,” and more.

3. Yang Se Jong

So there must be something about guys born in 1992 because heartthrob Yang Se Jong was also born that year! He recently wowed viewers with his portrayal of three different characters in OCN’s “Duel.” Fans have been able to see him in a variety of genres in dramas like “Romantic Doctor Kim” and “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”

4. Jang Dong Yoon

Another 92 liner, this actor got his start as a regular economics and finance university student. After receiving attention for being a handsome and heroic student who prevented a robbery at a convenience store, his current agency reached out to him and helped him make his acting debut across Red Velvet’s Irene in the web drama “Female Employees of a Game Company.” He went on to act in JTBC’s “Solomon’s Perjury” and is now starring in KBS’s “School 2017.”

5. Kim Jung Hyun

This actor is a little bit older than the rest of the actors on this list having been born in 1990. Also starring in “School 2017,” Kim Jung Hyun is gaining popularity with his sweet character and chemistry with co-star Kim Sejeong. He has acted in dramas “Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate),” “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People,” film “One Day,” and more.

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