Samuel Shares What He Thinks Of Love In Adorable Interview

Samuel sat down with NewsAde for a “Talk Your Profile” session!

Samuel was asked a variety of questions in the cute interview. He started off with basic profile information such as his name, blood type, and nickname.

He was asked, “What is your one wish before you die?” To this, he answered, “I want our producer [Brave Brothers] to get married.”

When asked “What do you think love is?” Samuel pondered for a little bit, saying, “Love… This is too hard… Love? It’s physical intimacy. Kiss? Romantic love!”

He also shared, “I was slapped by a dolphin when I was little. That’s the earliest memory I have from my childhood.”

Samuel was also asked unique questions, such as how many times he would clone himself if he could. He answered, “4 to 5 times. First, I want a Samuel that would fish for my younger sibling. Another Samuel that would be in charge of cleaning. Another Samuel that would be in charge of housework. Lastly, a Samuel that would be my friend.”

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