11 Times BIGBANG Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat

August 19th is a special day. Mainly because it’s the day when BIGBANG debuted and shook the lives of all VIPs for good. To commemorate the past 11 wonderful years with BIGBANG, here’s a look at 11 times when BIGBANG gave us butterflies.

1. When they tried their hardest to show their aegyo

They just tried so hard. 

2. The times they charmed Haru on “The Return of Superman

Oh, you lucky girl, Haru.

3. Their “FXXX IT” concept

Their “I don’t care” attitude and attire was just so relatable. So cool.

4. When we realized they’re just like us



ME 24/7.

5. Their adorable outfits on “Run, BIGBANG Scout!”

Look how innocent and cute they look!

6. The countless times they made us smile with their smiles

7. Every time they embodied the word SWAG

…which is pretty much all the time.

8. The adorable pics with their pets

9. Their random play segment on “Weekly Idol”

…and how they so savagely called each other out.

10. Their unit releases

Why is everything they do so cool?

11. The emotion they put into their performances.

Especially this one.

Happy 11th anniversary, BIGBANG! 

Hey Soompiers, when does BIGBANG make your heart skip a beat? Let us know in the comments below!

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