Fans Notice SHINee’s Onew Edited From “Music Bank In Singapore” Performances After Controversy

When “Music Bank in Singapore” aired on August 15, fans noticed that SHINee’s performances had been edited in a way that may have been due to Onew’s recent controversy.

SHINee was one of many K-pop groups who performed at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre on August 4 for the “Music Bank in Singapore” concert. Due to scheduling conflicts, Minho was unable to attend the event and four of the SHINee members took the stage.

On August 15, KBS aired SHINee’s performances of “View,” “1 of 1,” and Taemin’s solo song “Goodbye” as part of its broadcast of the event. After the show, complaints have come from some fans over the editing.

Fans pointed out that KBS did not air the group’s performances of “Aside” and “Beautiful,” nor Onew’s solo performance of “You Are My Everything,” a song from the drama “Descendants of the Sun” that he appeared in. Onew was also not shown in close up shots, with group shots or the audience often shown during his lines instead.

Fans also pointed out that Minho had been cropped out of the group’s photo during the introduction for SHINee, despite him only being unable to participate that day.

Between recording the special on August 4 and its broadcast on August 15, news of Onew’s controversy broke out on August 12. It has been speculated that the network edited out Onew and showed the audience instead during his parts due to the controversy, with his sexual harassment case recently forwarded to prosecution although charges were dropped.

Stay tuned for updates on any official response from KBS.

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