“2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships” Sets Film Date + Adds Bowling

On August 16, a source revealed MBC’s plans for the Chuseok edition of “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

According to the source, filming will take place on September 4 and 11. In addition, bowling will be added as an event.

“Idol Star Athletics Championships” have been the center of controversy consistently due to injuries incurred during filming. However, it’s difficult for idols to reject appearing on the show due to its great popularity and opportunities. In order to prevent injuries from occuring, the show has tried to make some changes. Close contact sports like futsal and wrestling will be removed. Rhythmic gymnastics and aerobics have been added instead.

This is why bowling was added as injuries are less likely to occur with bowling. Furthermore, bowling has become highly popular amongst celebrities in recent years.

A source from the show commented that their ultimate goal is to have an “Idol Star Athletics Championships” with no injuries.

The Chuseok “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships” special will air in October.

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