Watch: Suran Puts Her Own Spin On Seo Taiji And Boys’ “Sad Pain”

Suran is the latest artist to sing for Seo Taiji’s remake project “25”!

In celebration of his 25th debut anniversary, Seo Taiji has been releasing remakes of some of his best songs sung by junior artists.

Suran’s official remake of “Sad Pain” has now been shared, with the original released 22 years ago in Seo Taiji and Boys’ 4th album.

The music video features two women who relay the message of overcoming pain and loneliness in life, as one slowly begins to lose her eyesight. Each scene illustrates beautiful scenery and fully expresses soft, aesthetic vibes. The original song has a darker feel to it, but Suran’s version is full of hope and energy.

Watch the music video below!

You can also check out the original Seo Taiji and Boys version below.

Other artists such as BTS, Younha, and Eddy Kim have participated in this meaningful remake project. BTS’s “Come Back Home” especially caught the attention of many listeners.

What do you think about Suran’s rendition?